20ct Metallic Permanent Markers – Flexible Tip Assorted Colors | $13.95

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Attom Tech Brush Marker Pens allow you to create fine lines, bold strokes and shading simply by varying the pressure of your hand! The flexible-felt tips combine the versatility of a brush and the convenience of a marker, making them great for lettering, calligraphy, coloring, and art. These brush pens come in several vivid colors and feature a quick-drying ink formula that is smear-, fade-, and water-resistant. A must-have for all art lovers. Get yours today!

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Attom Tech 20ct Metallic Permanent Markers

– Flexible Tip Assorted Colors

  • NEW 20 COLORS OF VIBRANT, EYE-POPPING COLOR PEN: Light purple, light brown, brown, light green,sapphire blue,white, purple, gold, silver, pink, black, blue, green, coffee, rose, yellow, bright red,green blue, red gold and orange. 20 vivid colors for opaque writing and decorating even on dark and colored paper. Comfortable, smooth, easy to hold in hand.
  • UNLIKE ANY OTHER REGULAR MARKERS: Our Metallic Permanent Markers add a clean, chrome-like finish to everything from labels to art projects without bleeding significantly bleeding on copy paper. They create smooth, even finishes with a lustrous sheen and show up well on dark paper as well as metal, glass, plastic, and many other surfaces.
  • ARTIST QUALITY: Metallic brush tip permanent marker, made with specially formulated water-based, opaque, non-toxic, permanent ink. No shaking or pumping needed to get the marker started- simply uncap and write without worrying about smudges and blotches.
  • VERSATILE BRUSHES FOR MANY USES: This 1mm Flexible Soft Brush Tip Markers allows for sensitive control over strokes to give delicate or broad lines with total control and precision, perfect for creating beautiful hand lettering, calligraphy and precise and detailed work. With this soft brush pen, you can achieve fine, medium, or bold brush strokes simply by changing the pressure on the point, ideal for coloring in large areas, smooth highlighting, and shadowing.
  • WRITE WELL ON A VARIETY OF DIFFERENT SURFACES:metal, wood, stone and more. Best results on rough surfaces. Waterproof, fade resistant for long-lasting durability, quick drying, odorless, acid free, and eco-friendly.

Metallic markers (brush) 20 colors
1. 1 mm brush tip provides more fluidity in your strokes, allowing you to create beautiful hand lettering and calligraphy and create thick, thin or varied lines using varying degrees of pressure.
2. Stunning sheen on both light and dark surfaces
3. Authentic metallic finish in opaque permanent ink
4. Skip shaking: save your strength – no shaking required
5. Resists fading: fade- and water-resistant
6. Quick-drying ink
7. Go bold with 20 variety of colors (white, gold, pink, blue, brown, purple, dark green, silver, black, light green, orange, rose)
8. Write well on most surfaces
9. To increase life span, please place the pen horizontally when not in use.
10. Please put the cover on after use to prevent the ink from drying.