36-Pack 18 Colors Denim Cotton DIY Repair & Decorative Iron-on Patches – 4.9″x3.7″ | $10.95

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Kit Contents:

• 36 Iron-on Patches: 18 Assorted Colors, 2pcs per Color

• Single Size – 4.9″ x 3.7″

Easy to Apply. Do Not Iron with Steam.

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Aphlos 36-Pack Denim Cotton DIY Repair & Decorative Iron-on Patches

– 4.9″ x 3.7″ 18 Assorted Colors

  • PERFECT FOR REPAIRING, EMBELLISHING, AND DECORATING: Prolong the life of your favorite jeans, uniform pants, shirts, skirts, jackets and backpacks or breathe into the old new life by simply decorating or patching it.
  • EASY TO USE AND TRIM FOR COOL DESIGNS: Patching your clothes can be easy, even when there is no sewing machine at hand. Iron-on patches make the task simple, as only an iron and an ironing board are required. Iron on or sewing on; Cut the denim patch into cool shapes and designs according to your needs; Pre-heat your iron, then position the patch and press; Also can fix the patch by sewing it in case of moving. Only few minutes will take to repair or decorate your clothes.
  • BONUS VALUE 36 PACKS: 18 colors available- Cream, pink, tangerine, orange, yellow, Blue, Purple, red, rose red, green, dark blue, coffee, black, grey, khaki, light tan, tarmac, sapphire blue.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE CRAFT AND HOUSEHOLD ITEMS: These denim Iron-On Patches are ideal for mending, reinforcing and decorating many different applications. These versatile patches can be decorated or die-cut and applied to most fabrics (Not recommended for use on polyester fabric, nylon, and rayon). These jean patches can meet your various craft and household needs.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE: Each patch is washable at 40°C or less: you can use machine wash and tumble dry. Note: the patches are ironed on outside of the jeans not inside.

36 iron-on denim, 18 different colors
denim repair twill patches in each color.
Easy to apply with iron
Mend shirts, jeans, skirts, backpacks and many other household items
Only few minutes will take to repair or decorate your clothes
Each patch is washable and super sealing

1. Place patch front side up (shiny side down)

2. Cove patch with a cloth or towel
3. Iron over patch with pressure for 30 seconds
4. Iron again on the reverse side fir 30 seconds
5. Allow to cool

*Do Not iron with steam.